The amazing beauty of the hills surrounding Conegliano, expressing their calm and natural serenity since ‘400 C paintings, transpires today among farmhouses, precious vineyards, historical sites and unexpected breathtaking views , overlooking the valley towards Venice or towards  Cortina’s Dolomites. Veniceis only 50 km away while Cortina less than 100 km.


Important cultural and historical sites are nearby: Treviso, Asolo, Monte Grappa, Vittorio Veneto, charming itineraries alongside the river Piave and naturally Venice, a comfortable and quick journey by train. Great natural landscapes: the lake of Revine, Col Visentin, Montello, the winding river Sile with its faunal oasis, the caves of Calieron and the Cansiglio woods… The beaches of Jesolo, Duna Verde and Caorle are just one hour by car.


The mountains are close with their slopes and walks, Nevegal, Zoldo and of course Cortina! All within one hour drive. In the heart of these beautiful hills, the Felettano area (from the Latin felix juli), where, at an altitude of 150 meters, ferns grow lush thanks to an extraordinary climate, where both plants and humans enjoy ideal living conditions all year round.


Ca’ Milone it’s right here, on the road that from Pare’ di Conegliano climbs to the right, towards San Pietro di Feletto and takes you to Valdobbiadene, along the famousProsecco Route.